Seismic Connectors that will Protect your System from Unpredictable Motion!

Protect your system from seismic activity with our domestically fabricated seismic connectors! Our V, U and Dog Leg connectors are capable of six planes of motion along the X,Y,Z axis, providing piping systems protection from unpredictable movement. To learn more, visit or give us a call at 1-800-670-9475.


Metal Braided Pump Connectors & Control Rods

Pump connectors are designed to absorb vibration and accommodate for misalignment with lateral offset capabilities. The corrugated metal hose only functions to contain the media.  The braid gives pump connectors its pressure capability and therefore the pump connectors ability to carry the system pressure. When the braid is loose or bagged on the assembly it creates a void because the braid is not end loaded.  This is what happens when control rods are used on braided flexible metal hose assemblies. Control rods stop the pump connectors from end loading. When the pump connectors braid fails to end load because of the use of control rods the corrugated metal hose carries the system pressure and it will fail.


Recent Storms Means Time for Inspection

With the recent events of unpredictable storms worldwide, it’s crucial to closely inspect your LP gas connectors for any damage to ensure they are performing safely and correctly! For inspection tips, go to Call TCH to get your replacement on order by calling 1-800-670-9475! To learn more about our LPG assemblies visit

Install with Confidence!

Check out our domestically fabricated UL Listed Seismic Connectors! These assemblies are the perfect solution to safeguard fire suppression systems against any unpredictable seismic, thermal, or random piping system motions in a wet or dry system. Support your USA manufacturers and learn more about our UL Listed Seismic Connectors by visiting If you have any further questions, gives us a call at 1-800-670-9475!